"I was late for work because I couldn't put it down!"
Chris Walkling
  "Rocks London, rocks your soul, rocks your heart out"
Peter Dumont
  "If it doesn't turn you on, seek help!"
Jenny Wilson


Could dance music really spark-off world peace?
A novel about the power of art, freedom, love and redemption.

KISS THE SKY London in the heady nineties is waking up to the tribal pulse of repetitive beats, but the police attempt to violently clamp down on the freedom and unity emanating from the speaker stacks. Following the artist's path in these tumultuous times, Claudia, Paloma and Q move into a freezing cold warehouse, surviving on canned sardines and apples.

How can they escape the matrix and remain true to their quest?

DC Gallin spends her time between London and Southern Spain, land of the guitar, snow-capped mountains and eagles circling in the sky. During winter months the family gathers around log fires, while starry summer nights are spent cooling off on the rooftop with the plaintive voice of Flamenco drifting over from the gypsy barrio, accompanied by the sound of howling dogs, braying donkeys and the odd pair of mating cats… read more on the Bio page.

She's sold the first 2000 copies in person, please check the reviews!

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